Warriors in 6???

Warriors in 6???

By: Cam Kelly

Does it all sound so familiar? Do we remember in 2013 when Ray Allen hit possibly the most clutch three of all time and LeBron’s overtime and Game 7 performances captured him a second straight title? We all thought “man LeBron has figured out this Spurs team and they will dominate them for the next decade.” However, the next year the Spurs dominated the Heat in the finals in 5 games, even though LeBron was very incredible there was nothing the rest of the Heat could do. Are we destined for the exact same thing this year? I pray to God not! This Warriors team though… I know we hear this all the time but geeze 73-9, one game away from back to back champions and then add 2014 MVP Kevin Durant! The Warriors are 12-0 and are scoring a ridiculous around 120 PPG they just seem unbeatable. However, there are advantages to the Cavs.

1) Coaching, with Steve Kerr out and Mike Brown in I have to give the coaching advantage to Cleveland. Mike Brown couldn’t win the finals with Kobe or LeBron, he has been lucky their path has been so easy we will see how it plays out when the game is down to the wire and Coach Brown has to draw up a crucial play.

2) Rest, when you are an old team like the Cavs rest is not your enemy at all especially when Bron is in his 14th season and playing the minutes he is playing however, when you are a young team like the Dubs rest can have you monotonous in your first game which can hurt.

3) Pressure: if you are a gambler on July 4 when Durant announced his next chapter you probably would have bet on the Warriors to win the 2017 title and so did the rest of the NBA however we have seen both KD and Steph fall under the pressure of the lights and everyone expects them to win and if everyone expects them to win that means very little pressure on LeBron and that is scary thought considering he is having about his most efficient postseason ever and I cannot wait to see what he does in this finals. Which brings me to my 4th reason:

4) The King: It is so hard to count THE LeBron James out ever. This will be the King’s 7th straight finals has time caught up to him? Will he be tired this time? This will be the 6th time out of 8 finals that LeBron will be the underdog. 3 times he has rose to the occasion and I am not a betting man but I can guarantee these finals will be a lot closer than the rest of America wants you to believe… I mean come on he is the King for a reason and ever since Draymond called him a bitch and Klay said he had his feelings were hurt LeBron’s postseason has been absolutely incredible.

My prediction is the Warriors in 6, but I am not very confident about it because it is such a scary thought having to play against LeBron. Let’s put it this way though if LeBron wins the 2017 NBA Finals the NBA might just have to crown a new GOAT (more to come on that).

Oh by the way this is Cam Kelly and this is my first blog!


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