It’s Just One Game…

It’s Just One Game…

By: Cam Kelly

Here are some important takeaways from Game 1… Kevin Durant is better than Harrison Barnes, that is all. Last time Kevin Durant was on the floor in an NBA Finals he was watching the time tick down and LeBron win his first title. It was very expected of Durant to come out and play all hyped up, he has been waiting for this. KD’s stat line last night was 38-8-8… not even a Triple Double? Can we even say he is good at basketball? That is what Russell Westbrook lovers will want to say. Also, I just want to point out KD leaving OKC was the best thing he could’ve done. He is way happier in Golden State with better teammates with better ball movement. Watching him pass and cut with the Warriors is way better than seeing who Westbrook or Durant is going to put in isolation on the Thunder… don’t let Thunder fans tell you different. Okay you got me, Kevin Durant being better than Harrison Barnes is not the only takeaway from last night.

  1. The Cavaliers transition defense was atrocious. The Warriors pushed the ball way more than any team the Cavs have played all playoffs. Also most of you casual NBA fans are wondering how the Cavs gave up so many wide open dunks, well me… an intellectual can tell you that they kept running out to the three-point line to run off the shooters giving up the lane every time. The Cavs will have to figure that out and learn how to control the three-point line and the lane… obviously.
  2. LeBron must play with the second unit more, but he can’t play 40+ minutes every game and guard KD. The only problem with this is I don’t know who else will guard KD besides maybe Richard Jefferson, but he can only play limited minutes.
  3. Rebounding… if you noticed the Warriors got a ton of offensive rebounds and this is due to LeBron and Kyrie kept trying to leak out and get a fast break. Also if you noticed the Cavs also didn’t get the offensive rebounds they usually do and this is because Tristan Thompson was usually setting a screen while a shot went up and that makes it more difficult to get the offensive rebound. Expect that to change in Game 2.
  4. You are not going to lose many games when you have 31 assists and 4 turnovers. You know where you wouldn’t see 31 assists and 4 turnovers? In Oklahoma City, haha and you guys wonder why Durant left! Also don’t expect LeBron to have 8 turnovers in Game 2.
  5. Klay has shot horrific these playoffs and that will be a scary thought if he catches fire. However, he and Draymond do a lot more for the team than score. They are defensive lockdowns, people guarded by Klay in game 1 shot 1-15, and Draymond didn’t even score until the third quarter. That is a beautiful thing for Golden State, if someone is off they have plenty of starts to pick up the slack.
  6. Steph Curry is a punk man! Yeah, I said it, I do not like that guy. Obviously I know he is the greatest shooter on the planet, but I do not like his whole nice guy image off the court with his arrogance on the court and how every middle schooler thinks they can be him. Last night after he hit a three in transition and did his little dance I was a little ticked, if LeBron ever did anything like that the casual NBA fan would want him crucified on the court… and do not let middle school kids tell you he is such an underdog even though his dad was in the NBA and LeBron has always had it made when he lived with a single mother moving from house to house and living in a horrible environment.
  7. It is just one game… Here is the history of LeBron James game 1’s in his past seven straight finals:

2011: W+8, L

2012: L-11, W

2013: L-4, W

2014: L-15, L

2015: L-2, L

2016, L-17, W

2017, L-22, ?

There is obviously plenty of time for the Cavs to make adjustments and for them to come back, I mean it is not 3-1 right? Tune in for Game 2 Sunday! Yeah, I hate the two days of rest just as much as you do.


Also, if you guys didn’t notice Kevin Durant is WEIRD! And Rihanna is all in for the King!!



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