Let the Off-season begin

Let the Off-season begin

By: Heath Montgomery

And that’s a wrap. The 2016-17 NBA Season is over and the Golden State Warriors are your 2017 NBA Champions (big surprise there). Now starts what I believe one of the most interesting off seasons in NBA history.  There will be talk of super teams forming to take down the Warriors, discussions about one of the most talented drafts we have seen in a while, plenty of Lavar Ball moments, and much, much more.

But for now, we should discuss how the Warriors have affected the future of the NBA.

The Warriors just had the most dominant postseason in NBA history winning their first 15 games and going on to win the championship with a 16-1 record through the playoffs. That’s insane. They are arguably the most talented team ever assembled in the NBA with four future Hall-of-Famers on the roster, and they are built to last for a while and plan on keeping their core together.

The Warriors just set the bar super high for the rest of the league, and I believe that many teams in the league will look to make “super teams” of their own this offseason to be able to compete with them. Players around the league will start looking to make the “KD-type” move to other teams. Players with no rings (Melo, CP3) might look to join a team like the Cavaliers or join somewhere like LA and start their own team from scratch.

There are so many different routes team can go this summer in trying to play in this “new league”. For teams in bigger markets I think they will try to trade and sign some super stars. Teams like the Knicks or Lakers, will have to start from scratch, while teams that are already competing, like the Cavaliers or Celtics, might go for just one or two more pieces so they have the fire power to match the Warriors. Other teams who aren’t looking to compete right now might sit back and slowly rebuild through the draft and wait out this Cold War type of offseason.

Again, the Warriors have set the bar and they have set it high. I think this offseason will be full of big moves and major effort will be put in by a lot of teams to keep up with the Warriors.

So, sit back and grab your popcorn, because it’s about to be a very entertaining couple of months.



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