Thoughts on NBA Free Agency

Thoughts on NBA Free Agency

By: Heath Montgomery

So, on Saturday, July 1 at 12:01 am madness will strike. Volcanoes will erupt, tidal waves will form, earthquakes will demolish cities… well not exactly that but it compares. At 12:01 the NBA Free Agency period will begin. You might be thinking “Free agency is boring, call me when the good summer league games come on” but this year you might want to watch the free agency period. I have several thoughts on what might happen this action packed free agency period. Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.


The Warriors put the league in a frenzy

warriors champs

The Warriors eased through this season with ease. Yes, I said ease twice, that’s how easy it was. They made everyone in the league contemplate the future of their organization, and that is exactly what will make this free agency period so exciting! Tons of moves will be made to either start rebuilding for a young core or to get players to make a super team like the Warriors. The Warriors set the bar for excellence this year, now the rest of the league must decide what strategy they’ll use to catch up to them.


Super Teams will be built

super squad

Like I said in the last paragraph, everyone is trying to make a team to compete with the Warriors, and the best way to do that is make a super team of your own. On the radar for a super team will be the usual’s: Cavaliers, Spurs, and Celtics, but a few new teams have thrown their hat into the ring after some blockbuster trades. The Timberwolves are looking like team who could make a move after acquire SG Jimmy Butler from the Bulls, and the Rockets could have a potentially deadly backcourt combo of CP3 and James Harden. With all these team going after the same talent it will really show who has the most pull in the league and could make or break some teams season next year based off who they get in this free agency period.


PG13 and Melo

pg13 and melo.png

The two players listed above are not free agents, but they will be huge players during the free agency period. Paul George has been linked to many different teams and could contribute a lot to any team he goes to. He has already told the Pacers he plans to leave next offseason so they are trying to trade him away right now to get the most value out of him. The Cavaliers have expressed a lot of interest in a trade and have had talks about a three-team trade where they either give away Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love. Wherever PG13 lands, it will for sure to shake the league up.

Now on to Carmelo Anthony. Everyone hates on Carmelo now a days and acts like he isn’t good but I think if Melo got out of New York and around other great players (like the Olympics) he could have a phenomenal season. Right now, the Knicks won’t buyout his contract and are instead looking for a trade. The Rockets seem like a likely place for him with their new addition of Chris Paul, but if the Cavaliers miss on Paul George I would expect them to go after Melo hard. It is almost certain that Melo will move this offseason, the questions is: Where?


Those are just a few thoughts on the whole free agency. Big names to keep your eyes on the coming days are: Gordon Hayward, Blake Griffin, Kyle Lowry, and Paul Millsap. These are the biggest free agents and will all be taking their visits very soon to teams that are interested. July 6 is the day where official signing can begin but prepared for all the rumors and players pledging their allegiance to teams as soon as July 1 begins. Hopefully this prepared you a bit for what is to come of the league the next few weeks. Now sit back and watch the madness unfold.


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