My Next Next Chapter

My Next Next Chapter

By: Cam Kelly

Happy 4th of July! On this day in 1776 the Founding Fathers of this country signed the Declaration of Independence declaring our independence from England. The rest of this article has absolutely nothing to do with the independence of our country. This day is important to me and the rest of the NBA world because today is the day Kevin Durant wrote about the next chapter in his life and decided that he would join the Golden State Warriors forming probably the greatest team ever and not only that, but he destroyed our brains and angered majority of the league’s fans. Between Kevin Durant’s decision and the NBA race they had to be the most talked about subjects in the league by far. From the cupcake chants, to the memes, to the first time he went back to OKC, to all-star weekend, and the all-around beef between him and Westbrook was absolutely incredible, and I was here for it all. The drama between Westbrook and Durant was 100x better than the drama they create in those terrible shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. However, all in all Kevin Durant made an A1 business decision and after a year we can all finally agree it was the right decision.

You would’ve never seen Larry Bird or Magic Johnson join the team that beat him or “man Kevin Durant took the easy way out” is what your dad probably told you or what your dad’s dad probably told you. Well listen to what I am telling you, this is not 1980 anymore and thank God it is not. Why do we think you should stick with the team that drafts you? First off, when in life do we continue to do things when we know there is a better way? Do you still use an iPhone 3, do we still ride horse and buggies, do people still write letters instead of Facebook or Twitter? NO! The league is different now and there is nothing wrong with that. Things are changing, we want to win now. If opportunity comes knocking why ignore it? If you are working at a really good job and see an opportunity to have your dream job, you are an idiot to keep working at your good job. Durant saw his opportunity and took it just like anyone of you would do don’t lie to yourself. We live in a society today where we stay taking shortcuts in life, we look up Quizlet answers for homework, we cut corners when we run, we roll through stop signs, etc. We do all of that and then lie to ourselves and say oh I would never join the 73-9 Warriors, yeah okay.

In my opinion, Durant did not take the easy way out. I know that sounds insane but really think about it.  There is an expression my mom always tells me and that is “The grass may be greener on the other side but you still have to mow it.” Meaning yeah this may seem better but you still have to work for it. The Warriors struggled at first, they got 30 pieced at home by the second best team in the West opening night, they lost to a not good, in fact bad, Lakers team twice, KD missed about 20 games, they had to figure stuff out. He joined a 73-9 team, a team with an offense planned out with chemistry and plays ran for Steph and Klay, with an offensive style he had never played before and Durant came in immediately and learned his role. People talk about how bad the league’s ego is and how greedy they are. Just yesterday Kevin Durant took a 9 million dollar pay cut to get Iguodala and McGee paid and also to have the opportunity to sign Nick Young. So a bad reputation guys get is leaving for money while he is sacrificing the money which is so unselfish and we should be happy for that. The thing I loved about Kevin Durant this year was his ability to still get his 25 a night while splitting shots with 3 other stars, which just goes to show how unselfish that whole team is and how efficient his season was. Two seasons ago for the Thunder, Durant was taking around 20 shots a game this year for the Warriors he was taking between 16-17 which may not sound like a lot but if you watched the Warriors you know an extra 3 shots very well could be 9 more points. I love the fact that someone will sacrifice shots to play on a better team.

KD Champ

A random girl this year in class asked me what was all the beef on this Kevin Durant guy and I explained to her the situation and she replied, “oh so he just made the best decision for his career.” If this random girl with no experience of the NBA knows, then you people should know too! Kevin Durant’s FG %’s actually got higher this year on less shots. His FG% went from 50.5% to 53.7% and also his eFG went from 57.3% to 59.4%!

Aw the Westbrook and Durant break up absolutely devastating. C’mon now let’s look at it closer though it was for the best. If Durant would’ve stayed there would have been no way Westbrook averages a triple double or wins MVP. Russell Westbrook had a ridiculous usage rating of 41.7 while Durant had a usage rating of 27.6. Last season Westbrook had a usage rating of 31.6 and Durant had a 30.7. Durant’s usage rating went down and his numbers were still as impressive as 25.1 PPG, 8.3 RPG, 4.3 APG, and 1.6 BPG which just proves how efficient he really was. The Warriors play the best style for Durant to get open shots too, the way they cut and pass the ball just screams open shots for Durant. The Thunder however like to play more of an isolation game for Westbrook. Durant was assisted on 80.3% on his threes this year! He was assisted on 64% of his threes two seasons ago. That is a huge difference!! His turnovers went down from 3.5 to 2.2. He did all this while also taking a heavier defensive role for the Warriors he was their rim protector too. The stats don’t lie ladies and gentleman Kevin Durant is a way better Warrior than a Thunder it just makes sense.

Finally, the most important thing you can take away from this is Kevin Durant does not care one bit if you respect his ring or not! I saw all your tweets “Man smh I have no respect for KD or congrats KD all the respect in the world for you.” You know who didn’t see your tweets? Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant went to bed the night of June 12, 2017 knowing he is an NBA Champion, an MVP Finals MVP, a future hall of famer, and possibly a top 10 NBA player of all time and he did not once think about whether you people respect him or not.

All in all, Kevin Durant made the best decision, the stats don’t lie. It was time to get out of OKC and try something new and whether it was Boston, LAC, or Miami there was no better team than Golden State. He did not ruin the league, there has been super teams ever since this league has been popular and I hope more super teams are created this season. If good basketball teams are destroying the league, then I guess good cell phones are destroying our way of communicating with each other. Kevin Durant will come back next year putting up ridiculous stats and all of you will have no reason to hate him but you still will but it won’t affect anything he does. We are not putting an asterisks by his ring because he won it fair and square. If you are one of the people that thought getting rid of Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut for Durant wasn’t worth it you might just be an idiot. If you didn’t understand what I just said you probably don’t REALLY hoop.



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