Where Next?

Where Next?

By: Cam Kelly

The National Basketball Association: the league that never sleeps.

As soon as you think the league is dying down, Kyrie breaks the internet on Friday and leaves everyone in scramble mode and in shock. This league never sleeps it is a 24/7 365 show and that is why it is the best league in the world. Kyrie Irving reportedly demanded a trade in his meeting with the Cavaliers Friday afternoon, and can you blame him? With all of the reports with LeBron leaving for Los Angeles in 2018 Kyrie doesn’t want to be stuck in Cleveland trying to clean up the mess by himself. People forget how bad the Cavs were when it was Kyrie was the star and he does not want a repeat of that. For those of you that think Kyrie is the Cavs savior with Kyrie ON the floor and LeBron OFF the floor the Cavs were a -120… that is not good. Kyrie is just preparing for a LeBron exit, and even if he doesn’t leave it is better to be safe. As you can see Cleveland’s front office is terrible. Kyrie requested a trade to Minnesota, San Antonio, Miami, and New York. Sorry Kyrie this is not how it works because you don’t have a no trade clause so you can literally get traded anywhere. However, these four teams had Zach and I fire up the trade machine and we got some pretty good results.



CLE receives: Melo & Wiggins

NYK receives: I. Shumpert, C. Aldrich, T. Jones, rights to OKC pick that MIN owns and only goes to the Knicks if it is 15-30, MIN 2021 First Round pick, CLE 2018 First Round pick.

MIN receives: Kyrie Irving

With Cleveland getting Melo and Wiggins, they would be satisfied with that, Melo being LeBron’s buddy and Wiggins being a young talent. Minnesota gets a win they are a legit threat in the West with a big 3 of Kyrie, Butler, and KAT, and Kyrie gets to play with his close friend Jimmy Butler. With this trade, it is a huge way to get the Knicks back on track. They receive 3 first round picks, they get rid of Melo’s $26M a year for two years, also after two years Jones, Shumpert & Aldrich’s contract expire. Therefore, going into the Summer of 2019 they would have tons of money to not only sign KP to a max but also attract free agents such as KD, PG, Westbrook, & Jokic with a max. The Knicks need to pray for this trade.


FullSizeRender (1).jpg

CLE receives: U. Haslem, G. Dragic, J. Winslow & the option of either Ellington or Richardson

MIA receives: Kyrie & C. Frye

Reunite the best backcourt in the league of Kyrie and Waiters in Miami, just kidding, but not really. Cleveland gets a good young talent in Justice Winslow. I don’t love this trade but if Haslem is in it I feel like LeBron would approve.

San Antonio

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

CLE receives: E. Bledsoe, D. Murray, B. Forbes

SAS receives: Kyrie

PHX receives: T. Parker, R. Jefferson, Cavs 2018 First Round pick, & Spurs 2018 First Round pick.

Cleveland gets Eric Bledsoe and D. Murray which LeBron would be happy with both. Kyrie gets his wish of playing on San Antonio. Phoenix could turn this trade into a big win if they play it right. They get rid of Bledsoe’s 2-year deal for a Tony Parker 1-year deal so they can go into the summer of 2018 with some picks and some max space to make a push after some free agents such as PG, Westbrook, Boogie, or IT. Phoenix should push for this trade.

New York


FullSizeRender (3)

Boring Trade:

CLE receives: Melo

NYK receives: K. Irving, K. Felder, E. Tavares

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

Fun Trade:

CLE receives: Melo & E. Bledsoe

NYK receives: K. Irving, D. Bender, K. Felder, E. Tavares

PHX receives: K. Love

I hate the idea of Kyrie on the Knicks but for some reason he would be okay with it. LeBron approves of getting Melo and Bledsoe obviously. New York gets Kyrie and Bender which they would obviously love Kyrie and be able to use Bender in their offense. They can get rid of Felder and Tavares when their contracts expire and use that money to sign someone else. Phoenix gets Kevin Love and could shoot the lights out with Devin Booker and Kevin Love, but also give up 120+ points a game…



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