The Irving Conspiracy

The Irving Conspiracy

By: Blake Sandlin

For most of us, the news of Kyrie Irving’s coveted departure from Cleveland came as a surprising bombshell during what is supposed to be a quiet time in the sports world. But for devout Catholics worldwide, they knew it was only a matter of time.

When mere mortals like ourselves examine Kyrie’s decision, it doesn’t make much sense. With three-straight finals appearances and the opportunity to play alongside the greatest player on the planet, who could say no to that? But as the scriptures tell us, God’s ways are not our ways.

Irving attended St. Patrick High School, a four year Catholic school in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Unbeknownst to him at the time, Irving’s decision to attend St. Patrick High School would soon shape his divine journey in the NBA.

There are numerous parallels between the narratives of both Kyrie Irving and Saint Patrick himself; similarities that could hint at Irving’s next destination. According to the “Confession of Saint Patrick”, a book written by Saint Patrick depicting his spiritual journey throughout life, Patrick was captured by a group of pirates at the age of 16, where he was imprisoned and enslaved for six years. After being held in captivity for those six years, Saint Patrick heard a voice telling him to return home and to flee from his imprisonment. He then found a ship and persuaded the captain to take him away, eventually finding his way back home to Britain.

Now let’s examine the parallels. After graduating from St. Patrick High School and declaring for the NBA draft after a year of college, Kyrie was drafted to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2011. Like Patrick, he spent six years in captivity with the Cavaliers, being subjected to the dreadfulness that is the city of Cleveland and being forced to play in the shadow of Lebron James for some of those years, where he was obligated to share touches and the spotlight. Now, six years later, Irving has had enough, and he puts in a request to the captain of the Cavaliers organization, Dan Gilbert, to leave his current situation and go home.

For Patrick, home was Great Britain. But where is home for Kyrie Irving? While he was born in Australia, Irving moved to the United States when he was two, growing up in West Orange, New Jersey. Therefore, Kyrie Irving’s will soon be suiting up for the New York Knicks, a mere 18 miles from his New Jersey home.

Being as Irving has already expressed interest in the Knicks, and the team is looking to fill a point guard void with the recent departure of Derrick Rose, New York seems like the perfect spot to see Kyrie Irving flourish and receive the touches he so desperately desires, all while bringing God’s master plan to fruition.



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