What you thinking Kyrie?

What you thinking Kyrie?

By: Cam Kelly


It has been 13 days since Kyrie broke the internet and demanded the trade. Since then we have all been checking our phones every hour trying to see if anything new comes up and it just seems like there is nothing get done. Hopefully something happens by the end of the summer, we will see. Well regardless of if anything gets done or not Kyrie has gotten a ton of backlash from pretty much everyone. “Cam, what is Kyrie thinking? He has it so easy playing with LeBron.” “Kyrie is such a selfish idiot!” Seems very different from last summer when you people were talking about how Kevin Durant was so soft for joining the 73-9 Warriors, that cupcake. Now when Kyrie wants to bet on himself y’all think he is an idiot, it is very interesting stuff. You people need to make up your minds. I am here to tell you that Kyrie has a TON of reasons to want out of Cleveland and if you were in his situation you would too:

  1. LeBron leaving

For most people there is a strong belief that LeBron is headed to LA, but for me it is almost a guarantee that it is happening. LeBron is headed to the Lakers there is nothing we can do about it and that includes Kyrie. No one likes to be left behind and especially in Cleveland. Cleveland without LeBron is a disaster and little people talk about how bad the Cavs were when Kyrie was the #1 option. Kyrie has his ring so he can go out and challenge himself now. Kyrie does not want to get left behind cleaning up the Cleveland mess and next summer it will be a mess

     2. Don’t Trust Anyone

Kyrie trusts literally no one in Cleveland’s front office, as he shouldn’t. Before the draft his name was thrown in with trades for Paul George and Jimmy Butler, Cleveland will deny it but it did happen according to the Ringer. The summer of 2015 there were Kyrie-John Wall trade talks. We are talking about a guy who hit one of the biggest shots in NBA history talking about getting traded. How could he trust anyone?

     3. Dysfunction

Cleveland has to be one of the worst run franchise in not just the NBA, but possibly all of sports. LeBron winning with that front office might be what puts him in GOAT position already. They just fired Dan Gilbert and although he may have not been a great GM he was a fine GM, who LeBron really liked. During Kyrie’s time in Cleveland he has had four head coaches and three GMs, blah gross. It isn’t talked about a lot, but NBA players truly really appreciate stability. If LeBron leaves that just means different head coaches and Kyrie doesn’t want to get into any of that. He is also probably tired of hearing about LeBron leaving which just causes less stability.


    4. Robin wants to be Batman

Sometimes it takes a little selflessness to play with stars. Steph and KD are perfect at it. It sometimes takes some time to get used to it. It took a year for DWade and LeBron to figure it out, it also took a year for Kyrie and LeBron to figure it out. It will be interesting to see how Chris Paul and Harden figure it out. Kyrie did a good job of being the sidekick long enough and got his ring now he wants his own team. I am sure he is tired of hearing all about LeBron. Like I said before Kyrie hit possibly the biggest shot in NBA history and all he is hearing about is how LeBron brought back the title to Cleveland. I am a LeBron fan and I see this. In Kyrie’s mind he is the best point guard in the league and he deserves his own team.

     5. Jealous?

Okay yes most people were shaking their head when they heard the report that Kyrie was jealous of John Wall and Damian Lillard, I mean both of those guys have never even played in a Conference Finals. Okay, but let us remember there are other goals for NBA players than just to win rings and Kyrie already has a ring. Another goal is to be paid as much money as they can and to be the best player they can be. I talked about earlier how Kyrie thinks he is the best point guard in the league, regardless if it is true or not he thinks that. So Kyrie has this image in his head about being the best but also sees that he isn’t making All NBA teams? John Wall and Damian Lillard have their own teams and are making All NBA teams which just puts them in positions to sign supermax deals. John Wall just signed a $200M+ deal and Kyrie thinks he deserves that too, which the argument can very well be made that he does deserve that.

     6. Is it all staged?

Conspiracy Bill Simmons certainly believes that this is all a setup for Kyrie to get out of Cleveland so they can reunite in LA in 2019… a little much for me to believe but hey it could be possible.

So maybe Kyrie does have good reasons to want out of Cleveland. People also love to judge NBA players for wanting this and wanting that and act like they would know what to do if they were put in their situation. That is a huge joke, we have no idea what we would do with those kind of options, power, skill, and money so we should all stop acting like it. We should all get off Kyrie’s back and enjoy the 24/7 365 day show we get from the NBA.


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