Let’s do the $15 NBA Challenge!

Let’s do the $15 NBA Challenge!

By: Heath Montgomery


There isn’t much to talk about in the NBA right now, so I thought this would be a perfect time to play a little game. With all the teams trying to build their own super teams to compete against the Warriors, I thought I could try the “$15 NBA Challenge” to make a team to beat the Warriors.

So, the rules for this game are pretty simple:

  • You pick a 5-man rotation
  • Each player has a certain dollar value
  • You have only $15 dollars to make your lineup
  • You obviously can’t pick any of the Warriors, because you’re playing the Warriors (duh)

Now that we know the rules, let’s begin!


PG: Kemba Walker- $2

Kemba is a very underrated guard and I was very surprised to see him at $2. By averaging 23 PPG in the 2016-17 season, it shows that Kemba has the scoring ability to be able to take over a game. Although he only averaged 5 APG, Walker will be able to facilitate the offense efficiently and help the players around him. The one problem may be that he won’t be able to guard Steph, but Kyrie isn’t a top-class defender and we all know what he did to the Warriors.


SG: Giannis Antetokounmpo- $3

I know this may not be the ideal position for the Greek Freak, but he is so versatile that I had to put him in the lineup somewhere. Giannis will be able to guard any position on the floor which will throw off the Warriors offensive flow. He will match up well against KD, he won’t be able to stop KD but at least slow him down. He is a two-way player that could be a key player on both ends of the floor in this series. The downside is that Giannis doesn’t have the best jumper in the world.


SF: Lebron James- $7

If you’re trying to beat the Warriors, you’re going to need some major firepower, and I think the best player in the world can help with that. I don’t really think I need to sell you on Lebron’s skills and explain why I chose him. $7 may seem expensive but in the need Lebron will prove he is worth it.


PF: Kristaps Porzingis- $2

Kristaps is a steal at $2. He will add to my team’s versatile nature by being able to guard multiple positions and having mobility for a big man. With the 3-headed monster of Giannis-LeBron-Kristaps, the Warriors will have trouble defending all three of them. Porzingis will also be able to handle Green, and any other big man that the Warriors throw at him, on the defensive end.


C: Tristan Thompson- $1

With only one dollar left, I have to go for a great role player here. Thompson is a tenacious rebounder who brings tons of energy to the team; he is the perfect role player to clean up the offensive glass and cause havoc on the defensive end. Although, he didn’t have the best Finals performance last year I still believe Thompson has the potential to take a over a game in the rebounding category.


So, would my team beat the Warriors in a 7-game series? I think so, my team is just too versatile and big for the Warriors; let me know what you all think of my team and leave the teams you make in the comments!



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