Warriors vs Cavs: Round 4

Warriors vs Cavs: Round 4

By: Heath Montgomery

After taking off a year we’re finally back and ready to talk about Round 4 between the Warriors and the Cavaliers!!! This may be getting a little old, seeing the same two teams in the Finals every year but it’s not like other teams didn’t have the chance to change that (*cough* Rockets and Celtics *cough*). For now, we’re stuck with the same teams though so let’s go over some of my thoughts heading into the series.

Warriors got this

Everyone knows the Warriors are HEAVY favorites right now. The odds they win is -900, which means you have to bet $900 to get $100. This isn’t surprising at all given that the Warriors are far more talented and one of the Cavs crucial players is J.R. Smith…

Even though the Warriors do seem a bit out of rhythm as of late, I just don’t see the Cavs winning this series without LeBron scoring about 60 points a game. The Warriors took care of the Cavs in 5 games last year and that’s when they had Kyrie! It just doesn’t seem possible.

LeBron will be the best even if he loses

LeBron is the best basketball player of all time in my opinion. You can argue with me all you want, I’m not being swayed. With that being said I don’t want this series ending like last years Finals where KD was pronounced by many as “The best player in the world” after beating LeBron. Just stop. KD is going to put up great numbers because he’s going against the Cavs, who gave up the 3rd highest field goal percentage to opponents this year. KD is a scoring machine, this should be easy for him to have great games, so calm down when you’re quick to give him the honor of best in the world.

Is this LeBron’s last series as a Cavalier?

Ask me 2 years ago and I would think it’d be a messed-up move for LeBron to leave the Cavs, again. Now I totally understand if he’d want to leave. The Cavs front office is so messed up and has no idea what it’s doing. This team is basically set up the same way the last time James left. He has to do so much and push his body to the absolute limit for this team to succeed, I just can’t see him, or anyone, wanting to do that year after year.

Final Prediction: Warriors in 5

Hate the Warriors but they’re good. The 4 all-stars are way too much for LeBron and they easily take down the King for their 2nd championship in a row. Seems like we’ve seen this before. Oh well, lets run it again.


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