The King’s Decision

By: Will Rogers
With the NBA Finals looking to be virtually over after last night’s Warriors victory, it is time to start putting our focus towards arguable one of the biggest sports stories of the decade… where is the G.O.A.T., aka LeBron James, going to land this offseason? It’s still early but reports show that only 7 teams are really on his radar.
lebron returns
Cavaliers – Makes the most sense from a paycheck standpoint. The Cavaliers can offer him the most money but as any basketball fan can tell this isn’t where LeBron wants to be this time next year. With all the speculation in the front office and the lack of help on the court this just doesn’t look like a desirable place for him to return too. Which at this point can Cleveland fans really be mad? He brought a championship to a city who hasn’t won a major sporting event since 1964.
lebron rockets.jpg
Rockets – A superstar joining a 65+ win team? Sounds kinda like a story we heard just a few years ago. I personally don’t think LeBron will go to Houston considering the criticism that Kevin Durant faced for joining the Warriors. In my opinion, this is one of the best scenarios for LeBron for winning championships and adding to his legacy but LeBron doesn’t want to be hated like he was when he first left Cleveland and I think him joining a 65+ win team would lose him some popularity points.
lebron lakers
Lakers – Another team that can offer LeBron a max, but if you want my honest opinion I don’t think that’s enough to sway him over to the purple and gold. Now considering if they add both Demarcus Cousins and Paul George that might be me able to sway him but that scenario is not likely to happen.
lebron sixers
76ers – A good fit for LeBron if he wants to keep his fans happy. A team that really didn’t have that superstar but the only real issue that keeps him from joining the strong youth of Philly is can Ben Simmons and LeBron coexist? Both are ball dominant players that like to have the ball in their hands 99%. If Ben Simmons could develop a jump shot it would be insane but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
lebron warriors.png
Golden State – LMAOOOOO. If you can’t beat ‘em join them, right? Well it would take almost a complete roster change and massive pay cut by Durant (which he said he isn’t interested in doing). I’ve seen crazy things in sports but this would have to top anything I’ve ever seen. The most unlikely scenario for sure.
lebron celts
Boston – Could you imagine Kyrie if LeBron came to Boston? He would for sure just retire, orrrr this was their plan to get out of the shitty organization in Cleveland and build a super team in Boston!! They would have to get rid of Jaylen/Tatum/Hayward to make this work, which I’m sorry Hayward but you’re gone. I think this is one of the better destinations for LeBron if he wants a chance to win some rings with some fresh youth and a solid coach in Brad Stevens.
lebron heat.jpg
Miami Heat – The best case scenario for them is that LeBron wants to play with DWade again which is still probably not enough to sway him back to Miami but if anyone could persuade him Pat Riley is the man for the job.
No one knows where LeBron will go this off-season but one thing is for certain: it is going to be a wild summer.

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